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Let Me Entertain You (at 35,000 feet)

For someone whose job is largely sitting in front of manuscript paper, pencil in hand, I seem to spend a lot of time on planes. The exact number varies widely from year to year. A couple of years ago I

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2015 In Pictures

Okay, in practice my year works on the “concert season” year which starts in the fall, so I’m really partway through 15/16, but it’s December 31 and the end of a calendar year, so I thought I’d give a look

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Way Up North film preview this weekend

Throughout the entire “Listen Up NWT” project with the Gryphon Trio last season, from launch concert to three-week school tour of six communities to rehearsals and show at Yellowknife’s Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, we were followed around by a

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Listen Up! NWT concert video

The entire Listen Up! NWT concert, including the world premiere of Midnight Sun Songs, was video-recorded by Savario Colasanto of Studio Action Videos, and he has kindly posted it on YouTube.

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Listen Up! NWT: The Finale

Last week, a year after the first meetings with all the partners (and two years after the wheels were first set in motion), I boarded the 41st and 42nd planes I’ve been on since October (it’s been a busy season…)

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You Quickly Forget The Camera Is There…

During the Listen Up! tour of the Northwest Territories last November and December, documentary filmmaker PJ Marcellino followed Carmen Braden and me as we visited six northern communities, giving two-day workshops to introduce participating students to composition tools so that

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