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Looking back at 2016

As a freelance composer (and therefore a small business owner), the first task of the new year is emptying all my receipt folders into envelopes so that I start the new year fresh. And conveniently, to already be organised for

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Let Me Entertain You (at 35,000 feet)

For someone whose job is largely sitting in front of manuscript paper, pencil in hand, I seem to spend a lot of time on planes. The exact number varies widely from year to year. A couple of years ago I

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On Being There

When composers are first learning to a compose, it’s a given that we’ll be at most (if not all) the rehearsals, plus the concert(s). In the beginning, this is frequently because we’ve organised the entire thing ourselves: we’ve asked all

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Listen Up! NWT concert video

The entire Listen Up! NWT concert, including the world premiere of Midnight Sun Songs, was video-recorded by Savario Colasanto of Studio Action Videos, and he has kindly posted it on YouTube.

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Listen Up! NWT: The Finale

Last week, a year after the first meetings with all the partners (and two years after the wheels were first set in motion), I boarded the 41st and 42nd planes I’ve been on since October (it’s been a busy season…)

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Going All Interior

One of the fringe benefits of my work is that when ensembles program my music, I get excuses to visit places I’ve never been before. Thanks to the Okanagan Symphony including The Linearity of Light on its grand finale concert

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