Instrumentation Violin, violoncello and piano (+ocarina)

Timing 11′ in four movements

Composed 2014 (revision of 1992 duo version)

World Premiere May 14, 2014, Max Cameron Theatre, Powell River, British Columbia. Gryphon Trio

Programme Notes


The four movements of this sonata for piano trio depict the four elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Musically, the movements are connected in a way similar to the elements they represent: Earth emphasises the lifesource using primordial drones and drumming; Water springs forth from Earth, then evaporates and ascends into Air, which in turn provides the sustenance for Fire, whose blaze replenishes the Earth. This cycle of energy is reflected in the progression from low to high register, and with the delicate central movements framed by the vigorous and percussive outer movements.

PDF perusal score

Elemental perusal


Fire performed by Trio Fibonacci

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