Instrumentation Bb clarinet solo

Timing 4’50”

Composed 2011

World Premiere February 8, 2012, Roy Barnett Recital Hall, University of British Columbia School of Music, Vancouver, British Columbia. Cris Inguanti, clarinet

Recorded by Cris Inguanti on My Soul Upon My Lips: Music for Woodwinds

Recorded by Karem J. Simon on Solitary Clarinet

Programme Notes

Grace Period finds its inspiration in breathing meditation, and draws on two diametrically opposed techniques clarinetists learn to do very well: play long sustained notes with tremendous dynamic control, and play many notes very fast. “Grace” refers to grace notes: short quick notes that are normally used as a decoration to a “main” note. Here, though, grace notes are allowed to stand on their own, taking their own time in longer and longer groupings. “Period” refers to the periodic structure of the piece: 17 measures, each 17 seconds long. Each period is a circle of breath that begins with an inhale, the sound emerging from the exhale. As the music evolves, the single long tone that begins the piece gradually becomes more active, until finally the grace notes take over completely, and total stillness is transformed into total movement.

Grace Period is dedicated to clarinetist Cris Inguanti with thanks for his invaluable advice. It was made possible through an Artist Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

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Grace Period score


Grace Period performed by Cris Inguanti, clarinet; from the album “My Soul Upon My Lips”


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