Solo Vocal

Unaccompanied solo voice (Song Theatre)

Unheard unaccompanied female voice with notated movement (poems by Rachel Rose).
ca. 22′

Daphne, Unheard
Persephone, Unheard
Shamhat, Unheard
Yasodhara, Unheard

Solo voice with piano (art song)

First there was light mezzosoprano and piano (poems by Barbara Goldowsky). 25′

Found Frozen soprano and piano (poems by Helen Hunt Jackson). 12’20”

He’s Come Home Again high voice and piano (poem by Suzanne Steele). 5′

Miss Carr in Seven Scenes mezzosoprano and piano (words by Emily Carr, adapted by Jeffrey Ryan). 25′

Of Passion’s Tide baritone and piano (poems by C.P. Cavafy, trans. Rae Dalven). 18′

Of Passion’s Tide tenor and piano (poems by C.P. Cavafy, trans. Rae Dalven). 18′

So Crumble Into Sand high voice and piano (poem by Mustafa Ahmed). 2’00”

Spaghetti! high voice and piano (poem by Nikita Layne-Austin, patterned by David Booth). 2’15”

Solo voice with chamber ensemble

Angel Seasons soprano and string quartet (poems by Tom Marshall and Ian Young). 10′

Timepieces soprano, clarinet and string quartet (poems by Louise Morey Bowman). 22′

The Whitening of the Ox baritone and large ensemble (poems by K.V. Skene). 32′

Solo voice with orchestra

Ophélie soprano with 3 orchestral sopranos and full orchestra (poems by Arthur Rimbaud). 16′

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