Instrumentation high voice and piano

Vocal Range C4 to G5 (or C3 to G4)

Timing ca. 2’15”

Composed 2014

Poem by Nikita Layne-Austin, patterned by David Booth

Commissioned by the Regent Park School of Music as part of The Park Songbook project

World premiere July 25, 2014, Canadian Music Centre Performance Space, Toronto, Ontario. Cresilda Arellano, soprano, and Justin Vuong, piano

Programme Notes

In this short character song, a very enthusiastic spaghetti lover waxes rhapsodic in anticipation of the next serving—the first serving having (somehow!) gotten everywhere. As most of us know, spaghetti, delicious as it may be, can sometimes be messy.

by Nikita Layne-Austin
patterned by David Booth

Spaghetti up, spaghetti down, spaghetti all around the town!
Around my ears, inside my nose, on my knees and in my toes.
It’s on my shirt, it’s in my hair, it’s even in my underwear!
Spaghetti east, spaghetti west, spaghetti is what I like the best!

©2014 Nikita Layne-Austin
used with permission

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