AfterShock piano solo. 5’40”

Arbutus tárogató and piano. 7′

Bellatrix violin solo. 8′

Bellatrix viola solo. 8′

Bellatrix violoncello solo. 8′

Bellatrix contrabass solo. 8′

Dvandva violoncello and harp. 36′

Elemental violin (scordatura) and percussion. 11′

Fornax Chemica piano solo. 10’30”

From the Chalice of Becoming violin and percussion. ca. 4′

Grace Period Bb clarinet solo. 4’50”

Loons soprano and flute (poem by David Fraser). 5′

Luminous Blue alto saxophone solo. ca. 6′

Magpie piano solo. 1’10”

Mirari piano solo. 10′

Miss Havisham am Spinnrade bassoon solo. ca. 5′

My Soul Upon My Lips flute and piano. 10′

Poison Wind harp and percussion. ca. 11’15”

Quince oboe solo. 5′

Quince English horn solo. 5′

Same Here English horn and bassoon. 3’45”

Saturn (study in white) piano solo. 3’10”

Sinking In contrabassoon solo. 3′

Yūrei flute (or alto flute) solo. 6’15”