Instrumentation trumpet solo

Timing ca. 5′

Composed 2022

World Premiere Coming in 2022/23 season

Programme Notes

Legacy is a suite of three short pieces for solo trumpet exploring the ways that knowledge and ideas are passed from generation to generation, and how a teacher’s meaningful influence shapes us and can continue to be felt long after that person is gone. For me, one such person was my doctoral composition teacher Donald Erb, himself a trumpeter. One of Dr. Erb’s major works was The Seventh Trumpet, which was based on a short melodic fragment made from his name: E R (‘re’ or D) B. Each movement of Legacy is based on a variation (or transposition) of that same fragment. The first movement is free and searching, almost looking for guidance. The second movement is sly, playful and energetic. The third movement closes the suite with a muted moment of reflection.

Legacy is dedicated to the memory of my teacher Donald Erb, with thanks to trumpeter Marcus Goddard for his help and advice. Legacy was made possible with support from the British Columbia Arts Council.

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Perusal only. The score will be available for free download after the world premiere.

Legacy perusal

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