Upcoming Concerts

July 25&26: Spaghetti! and So Crumble Into Sand in Toronto, Ontario

July 28: String Quartet #3 (sonata distorta) for string quartet in Ottawa, Ontario

July 30: Bellatrix for solo violin in Ottawa, Ontario

New Works

Spaghetti! for high voice and piano (poem by Nikita Layne-Austin)

So Crumble Into Sand for high voice and piano (poem by Mustafa Ahmed)

Elemental for piano trio

Moving, Still for orchestra

Two Days for SSATB choir and piano (poem by Suzanne Steele)

He's Come Home Again for high voice and piano (poem by Suzanne Steele)

…sempiternam for double SATB choir a cappella

Current Projects

Mother/Land, a choral opera with libretto by Michael Lewis MacLennan

Unheard, a series of Song Theatre pieces for solo female voice with poetry by Rachel Rose

Jubilant Red for sanxian and string quartet, for the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra

The Book of Love, a collaborative dance/music work with Kokoro Dance

Listen Up! Northwest Territories for children's choir and piano trio. Part of the Gryphon Trio's Listen Up! project.
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