Instrumentation trumpet solo

Timing ca. 5′

Composed 2022

World Premiere Coming in 2022/23 season

Programme Notes

Open and Shut is a short virtuosic solo for trumpet that showcases the player’s full range of colour, expressivity, and bravura. Cast in one movement in two parts, the first section, muted, is slow and laid back, sometimes distant, sometimes searching. The second section, marked “single-minded, determined,” drives ever forward with large leaps, swirling scales, and rapid multiple tonguing. After a brief look back, the music insistently propels us to a sudden finish.

Open and Shut is dedicated with thanks to trumpeter Marcus Goddard, and was made possible with support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

PDF score

Perusal only. The score will be available for free download after the world premiere.

Open and Shut perusal

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