Short works (under 5 minutes)

…and there was… chamber orchestra. 3’30”

En mouvement, sans mouvement full orchestra. 5′

Moving, Still full orchestra. 5′

Ricochet full orchestra. 3’40”

Visions of Joy full orchestra with (optional) audience. 4′

(Looking for repertoire for school programmes or family concerts? See also works-with-soloists Gracey Blue and Map of the City/Map of the World)

Concert-opener length (5 to 15 minutes)

The Art of Declension full orchestra. 14′

eternal silence…infinite spaces full orchestra. 12′

The Linearity of Light full orchestra. 12′

Pangaea full orchestra. 12′

Panthalassa (Water, Because It Sings) full orchestra. ca. 12′

Violet Crumble full orchestra. 8′

Major Works (15+ minutes)

And the Children Shall Lead full orchestra, concertino strings, and student percussionists. 20′

Common Threads: Concerto for Orchestra full orchestra. 18′

Symphony #1: Fugitive Colours full orchestra. 30′

See also Orchestra with Soloist(s)

See also String Orchestra