Instrumentation tenor trombone solo

Timing ca. 5′

Composed 2022

World Premiere Coming in 2022/23 season

Performance Note

Ereyesterday may be played simultaneously with Overmorrow (for solo bass trombone) as the duo work Ereyesterday and Overmorrow.

Programme Notes

Ereyesterday (“the day before yesterday”) is a short expressive and virtuosic solo for tenor trombone that plays with time, distance, and memory. In one movement, the distant and haunted first section makes extensive use of the plunger mute, and leads directly into a restless energetic central section. As this fast music unravels, memories of the opening gestures take over, then dissolve into a rush of air.

Ereyesterday is dedicated with thanks to trombonist Brian Wendel, and was made possible with support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

PDF score

Perusal only. The score will be available for free download after the world premiere.

Ereyesterday perusal

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