Instrumentation soprano and string quartet

Timing 10′ in five movements

Composed 1990, revised 2009

Poems by Tom Marshall and Ian Young

World Premiere March 13, 1992, Church of the Covenant, Cleveland, Ohio. Luanne Clarke, soprano; Anna Hughes and Maia Silberstein, violins; Molly Sharp, viola; Pamela Kelly, cello; Jeffrey Ryan, conductor

Programme Notes

Winter Angels
Summer Angels
Autumn Angels
Spring Angels

The creation of Angel Seasons began in 1983 when I attended a poetry reading by Toronto poet Ian Young. I was intrigued by the use of angel imagery in his work. The dedication of his Summer Angels and Autumn Angels led me to Tom Marshall’s Winter Angels and Spring Angels — a combination that begged to be made into a song cycle. These angels are at once sensual yet ethereal, detached yet passionate, omnipresent yet intangible, benevolent yet capable of turning the mind to madness.

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