Instrumentation Violin, violoncello and piano

Timing ca. 2’35”

Composed 2019

World Premiere March 11, 2022, Pyatt Hall, Vancouver, British Columbia. Parmela Attariwala, violin; Sungyong Lim, violoncello; Corey Hamm, piano, at the Sonic Boom Festival presented by Vancouver Pro Musica.

Programme Notes

Suture is a short, high-energy work for piano trio, adapted from the climactic moment in the large-scale Scar Tissue, written for Nordic Voices and the Gryphon Trio. Exploding out of chaos, the three instruments converge on a single point which threads its way through the music, reaching ever outward to draw the edges together and stitch them closed.

Suture is dedicated to the Gryphon Trio, whose vision has brought so much new music to the world.

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