Talking-with-Hands… a lot.

Click here to go to the video for irrefutable proof.

Every year, the Western Canadian Music Awards includes a Classical Showcase concert, organised by the Canadian Music Centre Prairie Region. For the 2013 awards, we had a double nomination: Vancouver-based ensemble Standing Wave was nominated for Classical Recording of the Year for its album Liquid States, and my piece Burn, which was commissioned by Standing Wave and is on that album, was nominated for Classical Composition of the Year. So we both got to be part of the Showcase concert.

Thanks to Standing Wave, and especially percussionist Vern Griffiths who flew to Calgary between rehearsals with the Winnipeg Symphony for this concert.

The CMC Prairie Region has posted a video of the performance on YouTube, along with videos of the other pieces on the concert.

The Burn video includes a short introductory talk by me.

I didn’t realise. The hand-talking is not so obvious when I’m on the radio.