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March Madness: “Miss Carr” premiere

Ah, I have such grand plans for this blog, so much to talk about, but oh so little time… my last post was over a year ago! Sorry! The month of March is replete with vocal performances. Which makes me

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Bridging Cultures and Centuries

Most of my projects over the last few years have been collaborations, which opens up my world and allows me to work creatively with artists in other disciplines. Vetta Chamber Music‘s Joan Blackman approached me early last year to be

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On Being There

When composers are first learning to a compose, it’s a given that we’ll be at most (if not all) the rehearsals, plus the concert(s). In the beginning, this is frequently because we’ve organised the entire thing ourselves: we’ve asked all

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2015 In Pictures

Okay, in practice my year works on the “concert season” year which starts in the fall, so I’m really partway through 15/16, but it’s December 31 and the end of a calendar year, so I thought I’d give a look

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Six Days, Six Rehearsals, Two Pieces (part 2)

That busy week of rehearsals I mentioned in my last post wasn’t just about Jubilant Red. It was also the week that all the elements in Book of Love came together for the first time: Kokoro Dance (which commissioned the

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Six Days, Six Rehearsals, Two Pieces (part 1)

It was one of those weeks. Two projects getting very much closer to fruition, pretty much at the same time. It’s a nice thing about being a freelance composer that one day is often not like the next — sometimes

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