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March Madness: “Miss Carr” premiere

Ah, I have such grand plans for this blog, so much to talk about, but oh so little time… my last post was over a year ago! Sorry! The month of March is replete with vocal performances. Which makes me

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Looking back at 2016

As a freelance composer (and therefore a small business owner), the first task of the new year is emptying all my receipt folders into envelopes so that I start the new year fresh. And conveniently, to already be organised for

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On Being There

When composers are first learning to a compose, it’s a given that we’ll be at most (if not all) the rehearsals, plus the concert(s). In the beginning, this is frequently because we’ve organised the entire thing ourselves: we’ve asked all

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2015 In Pictures

Okay, in practice my year works on the “concert season” year which starts in the fall, so I’m really partway through 15/16, but it’s December 31 and the end of a calendar year, so I thought I’d give a look

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Six Days, Six Rehearsals, Two Pieces (part 1)

It was one of those weeks. Two projects getting very much closer to fruition, pretty much at the same time. It’s a nice thing about being a freelance composer that one day is often not like the next — sometimes

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Way Up North film preview this weekend

Throughout the entire “Listen Up NWT” project with the Gryphon Trio last season, from launch concert to three-week school tour of six communities to rehearsals and show at Yellowknife’s Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, we were followed around by a

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