The entire Listen Up! NWT concert, including the world premiere of Midnight Sun Songs, was video-recorded by Savario Colasanto of Studio Action Videos, and he has kindly posted it on YouTube.

It’s a long show (1 3/4 hours) but if you want to get a taste of what Listen Up! is all about, and what a huge group of dedicated and hard-working people (young and not-so-young) accomplished this past year, you can get the full meal here.

Thanks, Sav, for a great remembrance of this amazing adventure that I was honoured to be part of. Such a pleasure to work with the Gryphon Trio, Rob Kapilow, Carmen Braden, Susan Shantora, Jamie Bastedo, Terry Pamplin, everyone at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, and the many students, teachers, and community members who all contributed to this show.

(And if you stay with it, you get to see me singing backing vocals in the group-composed song Like a Bonfire.)